Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

As taught from a young age to see money as the most precious resource. People are made to believe that they can make up for any of the shortcomings just by spending money. This is the power of marketing at work. While money when used efficiently can help us to enjoy a much better quality of life. Our most precious resource is not money but it is time. 

In the field of this steaming seriousness where everyone is pacing up. It is no less than a hassle when the organization has a manual report and data collecting system and not a geofenced attendance system.

What possibly could save organizations from time-consuming practices in maintaining entry of their employee’s data?

Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App

Travel Check In & Check Out

  •  GPS tracking with Mileage calculation
  •  Customer authentication with OTP
  • Using Face Recognition for a Multiple-geolocation check-in and out.
  • Employee Monitoring Software provides options to stop at various meeting points and submit reports and documents in real-time. 
  •  In the location-Based Attendance System, location and travel distance are automatically calculated. 


  •  For precise location mapping
  •  For the area with Low network connectivity or poor GPS
  • An organization’s Employee Attendance Monitoring is crucial. The traditional method of Employee-Tracking takes a lot of time in the modern world. In order the reduce the time the beacons play an important role.
  • After detecting the beacon, the attendance is marked automatically, hence Smart Attendance Management and it is also time-efficient.

Check-in via QR codes

  • Remote Employee Monitoring- Employers whose internet connectivity is weak, also can initiate this feature to check-in using QR code.
  • Use colleague’s device, scan than from a selected location, whenever GPS is weak. This is how QR codes come in help for Location-Based Attendance Tracking.

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