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Palgeo’s geofencing attendance software enables all user related activities to be performed using a smart mobile app. Using this app, employees of any organization can mark their attendance, verify daily tasks assigned to them, mark completion of mandatory tasks, receive alert circulars through push notifications, SMS and emails.
Employees Attendance best in technologies, Leave Management, NoClick Payroll with thrilling M-Dashboard

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Attendance App

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What Makes Geofencing Attendance Software - Palgeo Unique?

Multi-tech Integration and No click Payroll.

Even-if employees work remotely or in the office, in this smart and digital world, everyone thrives in a culture where employees feel esteemed and supported. Geofencing Attendance App helps you eliminate the burden of compliance paperwork and other manual attendance processes, giving you back valuable time to emphasize your people. We offer the finest office attendance software which can keep track of your employee attendance quickly and error-free at a glance.

Our App-based employee attendance tracking software makes it easy to track your employee attendance quickly. After the pandemic, many offices started giving work from home options to their employees. Hence, time attendance tracking software and an online attendance monitoring system are needed in every office. We offer real-time attendance app-based solutions as per your various needs. Our easy-to-use daily attendance software can save your time and allow you to focus on the growth of your organization.

Touch-Free, Cloud-based Attendance
Single and Multiple Geo-Location​
Field Check IN And OUT
Automatic Check OUT​ and Idle Time Alert
KISOK Wi-Fi And Secured Web Check IN
Live Human FACE Validation
Beacon Integration
CCTV Integration
Biometric, Face Recognition And RFID
Offline Attendance
Task Allocation
Shift Schedule
Auto Alerts and Push Notification
E- Circular for Email and Attached Document
Live Location View​
Hierarchy based Leave Request and Approval
Leave, Missed Punch and ON Duty
Back Dated Attendance And OD
Dynamic DocsQ
Multiple Interfaces
Allowances and Deduction
NO click Payroll

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Providing Smarter Way For Your Team To Work Together

Taking team’s efficiency to the next level with Palgeo’s Geofencing Attendance Software.

Establish a boundary around the premises and know when the employees step in/out.

The app records it all, thus employees PUNCH IN/OUT attendance records won’t be forgotten or misplaced.


The CHECK-IN through the biometric device and CHECK out through the app, ensures high security and assurance.

Track real-time multiple locations, of each employee, hence no more traveling between job site

Record employees’ CHECK-IN/OUT in Multi-Storey building’s micro-locations via this short-range connection system.

With the advent of image technology, here’s an integrated Intelligent CCTV Camera with the app. Know when the staff members STEPS IN/OUT of the assigned work location.

No click payroll; now get accustomed to an automated system to avoid human errors and generate accurate payslips.

Let's Design The Future Together With The Most RECOMMENDABLE APP


Collaboration In All Areas.

Geofencing attendance software –  Enhances businesses in more than 100 different industries track time with Palgeo.

  • Engineering & Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Hospitality


How We Work

Activate Your Bussiness Acount

Enter Contact Information

Choose Best Subscription Plan

Register Your Organization

Activate Your SAAS Account

Setup And Manage Account

Master Data Setup or Mirror Organization Setup

Setup Data for Console Alerts, Location Mapping etc

Import Data Employee, Designation, Data from CSV files

Setup Geofence and Virtual Parameter

Roll Out Application

Roll Out Mobile App to All Employee

User Download Mobile App and Setup Facial Recognition

Employee Start Logging through Mobile App.

Monitor & Employee Times

Quick Easy Billing And Payroll


Improve productivity and monitor employee daily performance by using the Palgeo Online Attendance Management system.


Our Pricing


For 1-50 Employees

Best Time and Attendance for Small Business

Includes all premium features


For 51-250 Employees

Time and Attendance for Medium Enterprises

Includes all premium features


For 250+ Employees

Time and Attendance for Large Organizations

Includes all premium features

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Palgeo’s Best In Technologies Appreciated, Associated and Group Partnered


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Geofencing is technology that uses mobile GPS capability to create a virtual geographic boundary or fence for its employees.Employees can’t clock in or clock out beyond a geographic boundary that employers set up.

  • Enforces accuracy in the attendance records
  • Provides a true physical / touch free smart attendance system.
  • Combines the convenience of using a mobile app with facial recognition to mark attendance
  • For organizations, ensures accuracy by ensuring that employees are at the plant / location when they punch in and brings in employee accountability.
  • Organizations can track employee locations, monitor daily mandatory tasks, send out e-Circulars, generate AI & BI reports for higher management usage and analysis.

Organizations can start using the Palgeo Geofencing attendance software easily within a few minutes by simply importing basic staff data from spreadsheets. There is no hardware investment from the customer side

Our cloud based application architecture ensures that Organizations such as Educational Institutes, Universities, Hospitals, Banks, Hotels and multiple other industries can benefit from using the Geo Attendance app.

To get assistance with the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance application, email us at Our responsive support staff is here to help you with all your queries.

Since Palgeo is a Cloud based application, the Admin web application updates are automatically done. When there is an update required to be done by the staff or employees of the Geofencing mobile app, the updates are pushed and users are intimated accordingly to carry out the same.

Geofencing Mobile App

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