Geofencing Attendance App

Streamline Attendance Logging With Palgeo’s Mobile App.

Palgeo’s geofencing attendance software enables all user related activities to be performed using a smart mobile app. Using this app, employees of any organization can mark their attendance, verify daily tasks assigned to them, mark completion of mandatory tasks, receive alert circulars through push notifications, SMS and emails.


Geofencing Based Attendance Management

Our geofencing solution can drill down to the exact boundary / compound wall / Entry Exit gates of the location of any organization using highly secured, authenticated technologies

Activate Your Business Account
  • Enter Contact Information
  • Choose Best Subscription Plan
  • Register Your Organization
  • Activate your SAAS Account
Setup & Manage Your Account
  • Master Data Setup or Mirror Organization Setup
  • Setup Parameters for Console Alerts, Location Mapping etc
  • Import Employee, Designation, Data from CSV files
  • Setup Geofences & Virtual Perimeters
Roll Out Application
  • Roll Out Mobile App to all employees
  • Users download mobile app and set up Face Recognition
  • Employees start logging time through Mobile App.
  • Monitor, Track Employee times.
  • Easy Communication via e-Circulars, Alerts via SMS, Emails & Push Notifications.
  • Quick, Easy Billing and Payroll.

How we are Unique?

Distributed organizations can standardize on the Palgeo geofencing attendance system for their multiple units regulating capex and opex requirements.

Palgeo Geofence Feature
Key Features
  • Ability to set up multiple smaller fences within a larger campus / geographical boundary replete with its own specific employee access.
  • Easy facial recognition and setup.
  • Check in and Check out with Itinerary for the day.
  • Auto push notifications of approach towards the campus perimeter.
  • Auto Alert for attendance login while the user is within the geo perimeter.
  • Push Notifications which automatically enable easy task allocation and reporting of user’s movements.
  • Multiple campus location accessibility - Anytime Anywhere.
  • Aggregate Employee Billing.
  • Dashboard module with AI & BI Alerts.
  • Extensive reporting module with unique reports.
  • Easy Integration with other existing systems such as ERP / CRM.

Geofencing Attendance App

Palgeo does not just sell the attendance management software, we help in ensuring that your staff and employees reach their workplaces on time.

Using latest technologies such as AI and Face Recognition, Palgeo Geofencing Attendance system, assists the staff and management of organizations to conduct their business in a more efficient fashion. The importance of reduction of efforts and costs in managing, monitoring and tracking staff performance is not lost to us and has been paramount while designing this Geofencing Attendance Software. Palgeo Geofencing Attendance Management App does not place any requirement for new hardware like biometric fingerprint scanners, new servers and infrastructure. With a simple and secure login, administrators access the web admin console and staff use their own phones to punch attendance with face recognition. Palgeo app uses some Ingenious and inbuilt features like AI alerts which alert and assist employees to plan ahead of time in completing their various allocated daily activities.

Geofencing Attendance App

Advanced algorithms remind an employee well ahead of time each working day morning. These algorithms capture current traffic conditions, employee preferred mode of travel. The location based attendance system then provides the employee a notification which includes start time from home, journey time, log in time etc.


If an employee has to reach office by 9:00 AM and with that day’s traffic conditions the journey time would take 30 minutes, the employee is alerted by the Palgeo app by 8:00 AM that they have to leave home by 8:15 AM to reach office comfortably ahead of their 09:00 AM check in timings.


Management of small, medium and large organizations can make use of advanced features such as tasks management, e-Circulars etc to bring in efficiency and reduce redundancies.


Palgeo app can be used for geofencing in institute management and also for companies which have more intricate requirements wherein staff are distributed over different locations for periods of time.

Palgeo Admin Web Application

Our geofencing solution can drill down to the exact boundary / compound wall / Entry Exit gates of the location of any organization using highly secured, authenticated technologies

Master Data
Master Data

Mirror or setup all enterprise master data like Staff, Department, Designation, User Profiles and timesheets, Holiday Calendar and User privileges and responsibilities.

Campus Fence
Campus Fence

Create perimeters around the plant / campus locations. Palgeo’s campus fence technology can also be used to define access privileges for specific areas within a location.

Location Mapping
Location Mapping

Setup staff access to specific locations within the organization. If enabled certain staff can check in and check out at separate locations. like for e.g. some staff may need to login and logout at separate locations which are not within the org geofence.

Console Configuration
Console Configuration

Various types of alerts can be setup like alert before login time, alerts for mandatory allocated tasks, alerts while crossing the geoperimeter. These are transmitted to the Palgeo mobile app for user information and management.

Task Allocation
Task Allocation

Setup Palgeo’s Task Allocation module, Admin can define Non-Repeat, Daily & Weekly Tasks along with start times, end times and Must Complete Tasks.


Setup schedule changes, holiday / leave communications, notifications about organizational policies / policy changes .

Palgeo Geofencing Attendance Mobile App

Palgeo Geofencing Attendance Mobile App

We have re-envisioned the way organizations can help employees log their daily attendance. Palgeo’s Geofencing based attendance app lets you set up virtual perimeters or boundaries around your geographical location. Geographical location might include your educational institute’s location, your plant location or your organization’s geographical boundaries.

Steered by our passion to excel at whatever we do and backed by our knowledge of implementing complex ERP systems in diverse sectors and countless clients, we present to you the Palgeo Location based Attendance System.

Face Recognition, Check In & Check Out with Itinerary & Tasks

Palgeo’s attendance management app provides a simple mobile interface for users to register themselves into the system using facial recognition setup and a few simple steps.

  • Daily login time alerts.
  • Geofence (work location) approach alerts.
  • Auto Prompt for Facial Recognition.
  • Face match marks attendance automatically.
  • Scheduled tasks lists for the workday shared in the app.
  • Mandatory itinerary shared with staff.
  • Check in & Check out allowed at different locations(if mandated).
Face Recognition, Check In & Check Out

AI and BI Reports with Alerts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is built into the Palgeo location based Attendance System. System monitors the locations of employees and provides alerts to the respective users and their supervisors.

  • Mobile app contains the BI logic built in.
  • AI alerts sent if mandatory tasks are not complete.
  • Prompt users when geofence violation happens.
  • Staff not arriving on scheduled time alerted.
  • Supervisors are alerted if an employee tries to mark attendance in improper location.
AI & BI Reports with Alerts

Introducing the “Travel Check in” feature in the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance app.

What is Travel Check in:

Benefits For Employers:
  • Track employees who have checked in while on the field.
  • Get Alerts on the GPS Location of the employee.
  • Calculate total mileage from travel check in to check out.
  • Get a route map i.e. start and destination along with the actual GPS route map for each checked in employee.
  • View attached documents (like invoices, payment receipts, cheques etc) along with time stamps.
  • Accurate real time attendance data available to the organization at any time.
  • Staff cannot log incorrect hours.
  • Travel & mileage logs available in the MIS reports section for management perusal.
Benefits For Employees:
  • Travel check in can be done from field and outside of the office geofence(s).
  • Staff can pause and restart time when visiting different clients / sites while on travel check in.
  • Attach important documents like invoices, receipts, cheques etc at different time stamps / client locations.
  • Palgeo geofencing attendance system automatically calculates the total mileage from check in till check out.
  • Travel check in and check out logs available as reports for easy reference.
Travel Check in feature



Total Employees 1-25 25-50 50-100 100-200 200-500 500-750 750-1000 1000-1500 1500-2000 Above 2000
Set Up Cost Single Location 25,000 40,000 60,000 96,000 1,45,000 1,60,000 1,96,000 2,50,000 3,00,000 4,96,000
Multiple Location 35,000 50,000 70,000 1,09,000 1,55,000 1,75,000 2,16,000 2,75,000 3,50,000 5,96,000


Per user, per month


Per user, per month


Per user, per month


Per user, per month


Per user, per month


Per user, per month


Per user, per month


Per user, per month


Per user, per month


Per user, per month

$ Micro .99 Per User/Month
  • For 1-50 Employees
  • Best Time and Attendance for Small Business
  • Includes all premium features
$ 8 .99 Per User/Month
  • For 250+ Employees
  • Time and Attendance for Large Organizations
  • Includes all premium features


Our solution works across industries such as Engineering & Construction, Manufacturing, Health care, Education, Hospitality and so on.

Education Industry

University Campuses, Schools, Colleges, Training Academies

Health Care Industry
Health Care

Large, Medium and small Hospitals / Hospital chains

Hospitality Industry

Individual hotels, Hotel chains and resorts

Military Installations
Military Installations

Secure access controlled research laboratories

Financial Institutions Industry
Financial Institutions

Banks, Non Banking Finance Corporations

Manufacturing Plants Industry
Manufacturing Plants

Automobile industries, Food Processing plants

Palgeo’s Partner Program

Attendance marking is a simple daily task which needs to be carried out by all employees within an organization.But needs of organizations for this daily task are varied and are not similar.

Is there a single approach which can be safe, secure and still be an uncomplicated procedure while serving the needs of the many?

Palgeo’s cloud based Geo Attendance Software using latest technologies like Face Recognition, Integrated time tracking on a mobile device and management of tasks enables organizations to save efforts and money every year. A solution which is suitable for customers with single / multiple operating units, ability for employees to log time at their customer’s work location, ability for easy reconciliation and generation of payroll are some of the benefits of using the system. Palgeo’s does not just sell the attendance management software, we help in ensuring that staff and employees reach their workplaces on time.

We are actively looking for partners working across varied industry domains such as Engineering & Construction, Manufacturing, Health care, Education and so forth.

Benefits of being a Palgeo Partner
  • Provide human resources centric solutions to customers and prospects through our leading and secure time tracking and management system.
  • We provide special incentives to increase revenue and drive your business.
  • Leverage our experience and resources to help in marketing this innovative solution to your customers.



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Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App

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Palgeo Staff Alerts Feature Set

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Palgeo Console Alerts Feature Set

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Frequently Asked Questions


Geofencing is technology that uses mobile GPS capability to create a virtual geographic boundary or fence for its employees.Employees can’t clock in or clock out beyond a geographic boundary that employers set up.

  • Enforces accuracy in the attendance records
  • Provides a true physical / touch free smart attendance system.
  • Combines the convenience of using a mobile app with facial recognition to mark attendance
  • For organizations, ensures accuracy by ensuring that employees are at the plant / location when they punch in and brings in employee accountability.
  • Organizations can track employee locations, monitor daily mandatory tasks, send out e-Circulars, generate AI & BI reports for higher management usage and analysis.

Organizations can start using the Palgeo Geofencing attendance software easily within a few minutes by simply importing basic staff data from spreadsheets. There is no hardware investment from the customer side

Our cloud based application architecture ensures that Organizations such as Educational Institutes, Universities, Hospitals, Banks, Hotels and multiple other industries can benefit from using the Geo Attendance app.

To get assistance with the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance application, email us at Our responsive support staff is here to help you with all your queries.

Since Palgeo is a Cloud based application, the Admin web application updates are automatically done. When there is an update required to be done by the staff or employees of the Geofencing mobile app, the updates are pushed and users are intimated accordingly to carry out the same.

Geofencing Based Attendance Management System