Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Technology has been improved and updated on a vast scale in a short period. Progress with improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) is remarkable. Some science fiction movies are great sources to understand how AI can transform the future and the world. It gives us a small indication of how it will get better in the coming decades.

It can wipe out manual work and jobs!

Technology helps us improve our lives and make things easier. However, there are two sides to everything. Undoubtedly, AI will grow further. But nothing’s sure if it will have a positive or a negative impact on the world. I cannot stress enough from agreeing yes, while Artificial Intelligence will make our life easier. With all the advanced gadgets.

Hong Kong is a technologically advanced country. A combination of science and technology are incorporated into people’s daily life. Fewer human beings were employed, more robots and machines and great use of science and artificial intelligence. Every single individual had a device in hand and had their head bowed all the time.

Things are easily available at the fingertips. Language is no longer a problem, in a new place or country, as we have Google Translate and other applications. We have driverless cars, trains, automobiles and much more. This is proof of how technology is already overtaking the planet.

So with the advent of such greater technology when the whole world is adapting. For a better and easy life shouldn’t we all do the same?

What better way to make a country lead in technology by making the leading organizations use all tech saving services and applications. One such service bought to you on your cell phone is Geofencing apps. These won’t take up your storage but surely your organization.

Palgeo, Geofencing attendance app, is an application that is developed for the entire process of physical presence in an office distributed or dynamic workforce that efficiently calculates and reports the total hours/days worked without any manual labour.

• Touch-free, Cloud-based attendance app: that which increases work
flexibility and efficiency increases institutional profitability, strengthens faculty &
staff security and safety.
• Single & Multiple Geo-Location Check IN /Check OUT
through face recognition. Palgeo Geofencing software enables you to create
multiple Geofences within your University campus.
• Automatic Check OUT & Idle Time Alert on exiting assigned location
for longer than assigned leave time.
• Travel Check IN and OUT with facility of Stop points for various meetings
and real-time report and document submission. Allowing automatic location
registration and travel distance calculation.
• Kiosk Check-IN in case of absence of APP devices and forgotten mobiles.

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