Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Attendance management is always an integral part of any organization, and it’s very much important to have a system that can be able to accurately and efficiently manage attendance records. Palgeo is a revolutionary attendance management system that provides a range of features that makes it the future of attendance management. Let’s explore why Palgeo is the future of attendance management and what features it has to offer.
Palgeo is a touch-free, cloud-based attendance management app that makes it easier to manage and control attendance records. It has several various features that make it an ideal tool to managing attendance records in any organization. Here are few of the main features of Palgeo:
Touch-Free Cloud-Based Attendance App
Palgeo is a touch-free attendance app that allows employees to check in and check out without touching anything. This feature is specially useful in the times of pandemic when people are looking for touch-free solution to reduce contact with surfaces. The cloud-based system ensures that attendance records are safe and secure.
Single and Multiple Geo-Location Check-In/Check-Out
Palgeo allows employees to check in and check out through multiple locations, making it easier for them to manage and control their attendance records. The system utilizes geo-location technology to confirm that the employees are at the right location when checking in or out.
Automatic Check-Out and Idle Time Alert
Palgeo has an automatic check-out feature which ensures that employees do not forget to check out while leaving the office. The system also sends idle time alerts to managers, notifying them when an employee has been idle for a certain period.
Travel Check-In and Out
Palgeo allows employees to check in and out when traveling for work. This feature is especially useful for organizations with employees who travel along quite frequently.
Kiosk Check-In
Palgeo offers a kiosk check-in feature which allows employees to check in through a kiosk. This feature is especially useful for an organization that has large number of employees.
Multiple Interfaces
Palgeo offers multiple interfaces, thus making it easy to use for employees and managers. The system is user-friendly and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
CCTV Integration
Palgeo can integrate with CCTV cameras, making it easier for managers to monitor employee attendance.
E-Circular for Email and Attached Document
Palgeo allows managers to send e-circulars to employees via email. The system also allows managers to attach documents to the e-circulars, making it easy to communicate important information to employees.

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