Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Palgeo Geofencing Based Attendance System:

The “Console Alerts” module is bundled with the Geofencing based Attendance Management system which is a comprehensive system enabling organizations to track, monitor and manage employee attendance.

Palgeo provides an innovative, smart and secure time logging and management application using latest technologies such as Geofencing, Face Recognition etc. For more details and to request for a Demo, please visit

Palgeo Console Alerts:

The “Console Alerts” feature forms a very important component in the Palgeo’s Geofencing based Attendance System. The Palgeo Geo fencing based Attendance system is suitable for all kinds of Organizations be it an org having multiple operating units, manufacturing units consisting of different plants in various cities,Educational campuses or Universities etc.

User Setup of Console Alerts:

Part of our cloud based time & attendance management system, various kinds of Alerts can be set up on the web application by Administrators. 

We have used innovative methodologies to send these alerts across to staff who for e.g. are not reporting to work on time, or who forget to complete a task assigned to them etc. 

Self Service Alert for Login on time:

Employees use various modes of travel to reach office be it their own transport ( car, bike etc) or use public transport like Bus, Train or some might even prefer to walk. Based on their mode of preference of travel to the office everyday, an employee can set up a reminder in the Palgeo mobile app. See below a simulation of how this works:

Suppose an employee uses public transport to reach office, the day is Monday,  journey time to office from residence is one hour approximately, reporting time is 09:00 AM, the employee can choose to set up a self service alert reminder for office login at 07:30 AM. Now how is the Palgeo login on time alert helping the employee, you ask? See below:

The Palgeo app checks and analyses the day’s traffic forecast till 9:00 AM and calculates the journey time and if it anticipates a delay due to the unpredictable traffic conditions, the self service alert will go off at 07:15 AM instead of 07:30 AM.

Push Notifications for Open Tasks:

In varying cases, Organizations require different staff members to perform certain tasks and some can be mandatory in nature. Palgeo’s console alerts enable the Administrators to set up “Mandatory Tasks” for each employee or staff group or members of a particular designation. When an employee does not complete the task, Palgeo app will automatically send a reminder alert onto the employee’s phone.

A photo of the supervisor of the employee will be added onto the push message and there will be a message which will state “You have not completed a    task allocated to you”.

Mandatory tasks once allocated to a particular employee can  be tracked till closure.

Alert for Late Check In:

Palgeo’s Geofencing based Attendance application enables Administrators to set up Console Alerts whenever any of their employees are not logging into work on time.

Late Check in alerts which when set up by the administrators can notify the staff when they are not attending to work on time. 

An innovative new piece of technology which has been incorporated into the Palgeo app is the way an employee can be alerted when coming into work late. 

Suppose an employee John, whose supervisor is Doe, is running late for work at 10:00 AM instead of actually reporting at the expected time of 09:00 AM. Palgeo mobile app sends an alert to John wherein a picture of his supervisor Doe is attached to the alert message and the message reads that “John, you have not reported to work on time”.

As detailed earlier, employees with access to the Palgeo Geofencing based Attendance app can immediately receive Alerts for Login, Pre-Login Alerts, Post Logout Alerts, Alerts to prompt for Face Recognition, Perimeter violation Alerts, Mandatory Tasks Allocation Alerts etc.

To understand the complete features and how you can save time and money by using our Real Time Geofencing based App please schedule a Demo with us at

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