Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Palgeo provides up-to-date attendance software with geofencing features which are important tools for trending businesses that need to monitor the attendance of their employees. By implementing such tools, businesses can ensure that their employees are clocking in and out at the correct times, and they can even track their employees’ locations to determine their attendance. Geofencing technology provides businesses with the ability to set up a virtual fence around their workplaces and flag anyone who enters or leaves the area. With such tools, businesses can ensure that their employees are not taking any unauthorized breaks, and that their attendance records are accurate.
Additionally, attendance software can help businesses in reducing the amount of time wasted due to lateness or absenteeism, as well as reduce the cost of labour associated with excessive absences. Furthermore, attendance procedures can help businesses to better manage their workforce and ensure that the most productive employees are being rewarded for their hard work. It also tracks the performance of every employee on daily basis.
Geofencing technology is the speciality provided by Palgeo that can be used to create a virtual fence around a business’s workplace. This technology can be used to track employee attendance, as any employee who enters or leaves the area will be flagged. This makes it much easier for businesses to monitor their employees’ attendance records and ensure that their attendance is accurate. Additionally, geofencing technology can also be used to enforce certain rules related to employee behaviour, such as restricting access to certain areas or prohibiting the use of phones while working. This can help businesses in maintaining a safe and productive work environment for coming times.

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