Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Geofencing Attendance App from Palgeo:

The year 2020 has forced organizations around the world to reinvent the way they conduct their daily operations. Government and the private sector companies are looking for innovative solutions in areas such as attendance management and improving employee confidence as well as efficiency while at the same time looking to further reduce the financial outflow.

Attendance tracking, monitoring and perusing the gathered data may seem like a mundane task but each business has differing needs and requirements. HR teams do spend a lot of time behind this effort. 

The case for Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App:

Palgeo provides an innovative, smart and secure time logging and management application using the latest technologies such as Geofencing, Face Recognition, AI-based schedule and tasks allocation system etc. For more details and to request for a Demo, please visit

Apart from hygiene and the need for touch free time marking systems, businesses also need to track and monitor their employees and ensure real-time data availability at all times.

Palgeo geofencing based attendance management system enables:

  1. Organizations to define geofences around the boundaries where they are located.
  2. For companies with multiple units within a huge campus, many geofences can be built to cover the perimeter for each unit.
  3. Employees can clock in and clock out when they approach within the perimeter of these geofences.
  4. Palgeo app allows the flexibility to system administrators to set up the check in, check out times.
  5. Higher management can monitor the movement of employees within the facility or campus.

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