Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

What is an e-Circular System:

e-Circulars help in the mass transmission of important organizational announcements to all concerned staff members or employees. Any schedule changes, holiday/leave communications, notifications about organizational policies/policy changes can be communicated with all requisite employees.

Palgeo e-Circular System:

Palgeo e-Circular system consists of two modules:

  • e-Circular Administration
  • e-Circular Mobile Application access

The e-Circular component is bundled with the Geofencing based Attendance Management system which is a comprehensive system enabling organizations to track, monitor and manage employee attendance.

Palgeo e-Circular Administration Module:

We have based on our years of experience working with various types of organizations laid out a well defined e-Circular Administration system. This is actually a web application and is part of the overall Geofencing based Smart Attendance System. This system provides Physical interaction / Touch Free secure Attendance management system. Suitable for all kinds of Organizations be it an org having multiple operating units, manufacturing units consisting of different plants in various cities,Educational campuses or Universities etc.
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e-Circular module access is defined only for employees with Admin privileges.

Administrators can define e-Circulars and their management based on:

  • Staff Designation – For e.g. Supervisors, Professors, Management etc
  • Staff Department – For e.g. Manufacturing, Marketing, Different educational streams within the same University etc
  • Staff Special Groups – For e.g. those working on Turnkey Projects, Specific clients, Temporary Employees etc
  • Staff Location – For e.g. those belonging to any specific location if an Organization has multiple operating units in different cities.

Admin can have permissions to set up the e-Circular for various groups of employees as defined above. With a few clicks Administrators can use various modes of information transmission like SMS or Email to circulate important Organizations communication using the e-Circular module.

Palgeo e-Circular User Mobile Application Access:

The e-Circular module is part of the Palgeo Geofencing based Attendance System. Information transmission and receiving to all stakeholders is a very streamlined process.
e-Circulars ensure communication from the Organization to be received by the appropriate employees almost instantaneously.

As detailed earlier, employees with access to the Palgeo Geofencing based Attendance app can immediately receive e-Circulars from the company.

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