Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Difference between Alerts & Notifications:

While people generally refer to “Alerts” and “Notifications” interchangeably, it is a common misconception that both terms mean the same.

An “Alert” is a signal prompting the user that their attention is required and they should look at something. Common examples are:- Success / Fail Message, Perimeter warning, sound etc.

A “Notification” might be sent in various formats like email, SMS etc and will usually contain more information than an “Alert”.

Palgeo Geofencing Based Attendance System:

The “Console Alerts” module is bundled with the Geofencing based Attendance Management system which is a comprehensive system enabling organizations to track, monitor and manage employee attendance.

Palgeo provides an innovative, smart and secure time logging and management application using the latest technologies such as Geofencing, Face Recognition etc. For more details and to request for a Demo, please visit

Palgeo Console Alerts:

The “Console Alerts” feature forms a very important component in Palgeo’s Geofencing based Attendance System. The Palgeo Geo-fencing based Attendance system is suitable for all kinds of Organizations be it an org having multiple operating units, manufacturing units consisting of different plants in various cities, Educational campuses of Universities etc.

Palgeo Console Alerts consist of two modules:

  • Console Alerts Administration
  • Console Alerts Mobile Application Access & Transmission
Administration of Console Alerts:

As part of our cloud-based time & attendance management system, various kinds of Console Alerts can be set up on the web application by users with Administrator Privileges.

Some of the types of Console Alerts which can be set up are:

Alert before Login Time:

Administrators can set up alerts to ensure employees & staff members are sent messages to alert them that they are supposed to log in to work as the appointed time appears closer. Administrators can set up the lead time as required. For e.g., If a workday in an Organization starts at 9:30 AM daily, staff members can be sent alerts at 9:00 Am that their schedule starts at 9:30 AM and also intimate them to log in on time.

Alert for Mandatory Allocated Tasks:

In varying cases, Organizations require different staff members to perform certain tasks and some can be mandatory in nature. Palgeo’s console alerts enable the Administrators to set up Mandatory Tasks” for each employee or staff group or members of a particular designation. For e.g. An Educational Institute wants the examination halls set up before the examination date. The institute wants this task to be assigned to all staff who are “Professors” and must set this up as a “Mandatory Task”. Another typical example would be In a manufacturing plant, at the end of each workday, some supervisors are mandatorily required to conduct some safety inspections before the closure of the plant.

Mandatory tasks once allocated to a particular employee can be tracked till closure.

Alert for Perimeter Violation & Location Mapping:

Palgeo’s Geofencing based Attendance application enables Administrators to set up Console Alerts whenever any of their employees are during working hours are stepping out of the campus perimeter. There may also be instances like for e.g. in Research facilities where some staff may not be permitted in certain locations of the campus etc.

Console Alerts Mobile Application Access & Transmission:

The Console Alerts module, part of the Palgeo Geofencing based Attendance System can be accessed by employees and staff through a Mobile Application. The Mobile Application can be accessed using Android, iOS and Windows devices.
Information transmission and receiving to all stakeholders is a very streamlined process.
Console Alerts as setting up by the Administrators are effectively transmitted to ensure communication from the Organization to be received by the appropriate employees almost instantaneously.

As detailed earlier, employees with access to the Palgeo Geofencing based Attendance app can immediately Alert for Login, Pre-Login Alerts, Post Logout Alerts, Alerts to prompt for Face Recognition, Perimeter violation Alerts, Mandatory Tasks Allocation Alerts etc.

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