Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

As an HR manager, you understand better than anyone that your employees are the most valuable resource in your organization. Managing them correctly can make or break your bottom line. One important aspect of employee management in attendance. 

Poor attendance management can lead to a loss of business productivity and profit as well as a higher turnover rate. It’s your job to track and maintain your employees’ working hours while staying compliant with labour laws and regulations. In addition to this, employees can only be paid accurately when their attendance is calculated properly.

Effective attendance management using geofencing attendance system software is highly necessary for today’s workplace. Having a well-managed attendance system can improve your organization’s bottom line and improve the overall efficiency of your organization.

This is the new age of geofencing. With a Geofencing attendance app like Plageo, you can not only save regular attendance and the location of your employees. But also with the help of their new and advanced cost and time-efficient features. You can solve the overall burn of a hassle-free managing system.

Attendance Management

It can be wearisome following the age all habit of manual file records and attendance sheet of the employees. As the world is upgrading the management has to upgrade as well. With the new time-efficient digital attendance record system curated by Palgeo, Geofencing Attendance app. Now keeking a record of the attendance is an easy task.

• Daily working hours
• Attendance report
• Working hours report
• Mobile App status report

Highlighting key features of the Palgeo Geofencing attendance app:

Palgeo Geo-CCTV

The app has been curated with image technology, intelligent CCTV Cameras. And how will it help you ask? Know when the staff members steps IN/OUT of the assigned work location.

  • Automatic alert for unauthorized persons.
  • Over-smart escapers alert.
  • Check-in and check out through CCTV.


  • Budget-friendly/cost-efficient.
  • Advance scalability with more flexibility and mobility.
  • Enhanced collaborations.
  • Improved data security.
  • Time-efficient with automatic software updates.
  • Smart Disaster recovery and good backup system.
  • Environment friendly with reduction of carbon footprint.


With the power of Face Recognition (selfie) based Check In & Check Out

  •  Live Face Recognition (facial expressions & eye blink)
  •  Added security from infection

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