Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

The Attendance Management System’s new feature alerts admin on employee exit from an assigned /office Locations
This feature as a part of Travel Check-In, allows management to seamlessly monitor the remote employee’s work location and process. The Attendance Management Software’s application version is enhanced to manage and isolate idle (non-working time). The online Attendance management system provides detailed reports on productive and unproductive time (idle/personal). This precise insight can help increase efficiency and decrease time theft.

Here is how check-in Travel Check-In works:

– On reaching the start location (which may or may not be an assigned location) the field employee Checks In ok his mobile using face Registration. While the employee is on travel mode the app constantly tracks the employee.
– If/ when the employee needs to stop for an official purpose, he presses the pause button on the app to get onto a stationary mode. He can conduct his duties (meetings etc) and upload related documents from the app itself, seamlessly expediting further processes of the organization and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.
– Incase this stopover is for a personal purpose then the employee shall press the idle time button. The employee is permitted to take Idle /personal time only as per organizational policies. In case the employee does not resume time as per stipulated limits then an automatic check-out shall be activated for the individual.
– When the employee is ready to get on travel mode post an official pause or a personal idle time he presses the Resume button.
– Once the employee has completed his duties and work hours he can Check out using the app.

The unique Employee Time Attendance Management Software automatically makes the calculations of the employee’s productive time and travel mileage for report generating.

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