Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

From a long period of time, every organization has its own way to maintain the attendance of its employees. Most common and still used is keeping journals. It is not easy to keep a record of every employee that comes and goes. Organizations need to invest in humans to keep track of other employees. With laborious work, there is a loss of productivity, time, and money. But What if we have the easiest solution to keep track of employees? 

Palgeo Geo attendance app is the answer to your question. 

Palgeo presents the most sustainable and affordable way to record the check-in and check-out of employees. 

We have single/multiple locations check-in, travel check-in, check-in anywhere, and check out anywhere. All this with a single Application, NO Software Required.

Palgeo’s Geofencing based attendance management is integrated with Biometric technology that helps to mark attendance. 

  • Palgeo captures the CHECK IN through Biometric Device and CHECK OUT through app
  • App records the CHECK IN/OUT time automatically.
  • Easy to customize the setting.

Palgeo Geo attendance software can effectively track Check IN and Check OUT. 

  • Auto Check-in and Check-out:
  • Geofencing-based attendance allows employees to turn on automatic check-in and Auto Check-out.
  • This Online attendance management system is used for  check-in Anywhere and Check out anywhere:

Features of Geo Bio App:   

  • Location-based attendance tracking
  • Tracking time and location of the employee.
  • Track of Travelling GPS Location
  • Get a route map.
  • Avoids logging of incorrect hours.

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