Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

How Does Palgeo’s Geofencing Technology Work for Attendance Management?
Palgeo’s Geofencing technology is not complex to understand, as it simply makes use of virtual boundaries around a designated location called a geofence. Once an employee enters or exits a geofence, the system alerts the employer with time-stamps that indicate the employee’s presence. These geofences can be set-up anywhere, such as the workplace, the field, or even at client sites.
Benefits of Palgeo Geofencing Technology
Accurate Attendance Management
Employers no longer have to guess or estimate how long their employees have worked since they can track the employees’ arrival and departure times using Palgeo’s geofencing technology. This method provides a holistic view of their workforce and saves time and resources that would have been spent on managing the attendance of employees manually.
Improves Accountability
Palgeo enhances employee accountability since staff members understand that their attendance and location data is being tracked in real-time. This reduces opportunistic tendency to engage in time-theft and absenteeism, leading to positive behaviors among your workforce.
Integrations with Payroll Tools
Palgeo’s data generated from geofencing can be automatically sent and integrated with payroll management tools like QuickBooks and other HR software. This seamless integration can significantly reduce manual input errors and ensure efficient automated reporting.
Palgeo saves considerable time and money that would have been spent managing employees’ attendance manually. The technology does not only reduce the time spent on manual labor, but it also eliminates the cost of printing, signing, and submitting physical attendance sheets.
Boosts Employee Productivity
Most businesses prioritize attendance management, as employees who are punctual tend to be more productive than those without a sense of discipline. Strong attendance habits translate into a more reliable and productive workforce, which leads to increased engagement, teamwork and a positive company culture.
Improved Scheduling
With real-time tracking of employee attendance, employers have better insight into the productivity of individual employees and may consider rewarding those that consistently meet their attendance targets. Employers can also use the data to plan better schedules, keeping in mind the location and availability of employees who have been added to geofences at certain sites, leading to optimized productivity of the workforce.
Geofencing Technology Enhances Communication
One key advantage of geofencing technology is its ability to boost communication between employers and employees. Palgeo’s geofencing solution allows employers to send push notification messages to employees whenever they are within the designated geofencing locations. This enhances communication between the management and employees, builds trust and shows an inclination to a more transparent organizational culture.
In conclusion, Palgeo’s geofencing technology enhances attendance management, promotes efficiency and cost-saving, improves employee productivity and creates better communication channels between employers and employees. As businesses and organizations adopt new flexible work arrangements, the Palgeo system can enable a robust, yet flexible attendance management system that boosts workflow, accuracy and accountability among employees, ultimately leading to a more productive and profitable business environment.

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