Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Keeping track of staff attendance is essential for any organisation’s successful operation in today’s fast-paced corporate world. In addition to helping managers ensure that their workers arrive at work on time, it also enables them to comprehend absence trends and make knowledgeable scheduling and staffing decisions.

What is palgeo? is a thorough system for tracking employee attendance that enables businesses to manage and keep track of their staff’s attendance effectively.’s user-friendly interface and robust capabilities make it simple for managers to check attendance in real-time, produce reports, and find and fix attendance problems.

Features of palgeo
Palgeo’s intuitive UI is one of its standout qualities. Managers in a simple-to-read format may instantly view the attendance status of each employee. As a result, they can instantly spot absence tendencies and decide how many people to hire and schedule accordingly.

In addition to its monitoring functions, Palgeo also provides several other tools and services to assist managers in better controlling staff attendance. For instance, it features a calendar view that enables managers to monitor the chronological attendance history of their employees, as well as a dashboard that offers up-to-the-minute data and analytics on employee attendance.

Palgeo provides various export and reporting options, enabling managers to quickly share attendance information with other organisation members or utilise it to create unique reports. These technologies make it simple for managers to spot absenteeism patterns, comprehend the effect of staff attendance on overall business success, and take data-driven actions to raise attendance.

The capability to oversee distant teams. The need to track remote workers’ attendance in real-time is growing due to continuous pandemics and business trends toward remote labour. Employees can clock in and out using Palgeo’s straightforward web portal or mobile app from any location, and managers can view real-time attendance data for remote workers just like they would for those who work on-site. This can significantly improve the management and responsibility of remote teams.

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