Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

App-to-Web Linking with URL

App-to-Web Linking with URL Do your employees also get bored of managing their attendance and tasks by opening the same app every time? Do you also need an effortless process to do the same? Well, you are on the right

Reasons why a company needs mobile attendance tracking app

Palgeo Geofencing Attendance app renders both the employees and employers with mobile-based time clock apps. This is formulated with a goal, keeping in mind. Which is to improve the employee experience, in bringing more precision to the business time tracking

The Most Valuable Thing In Life Is Time, So Use It Wisely

As taught from a young age to see money as the most precious resource. People are made to believe that they can make up for any of the shortcomings just by spending money. This is the power of marketing at

An easy life, hassle-free organizational work, all with the advent of technology

Technology has been improved and updated on a vast scale in a short period. Progress with improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) is remarkable. Some science fiction movies are great sources to understand how AI can transform the future and the

Is your organization finding it difficult to maintain the manual attendance register the way it had been done for years?  

As an HR manager, you understand better than anyone that your employees are the most valuable resource in your organization. Managing them correctly can make or break your bottom line. One important aspect of employee management in attendance.  Poor attendance

Attendance Management software one of the most reliable HR software solutions

Know why HR software’s are leading on business sectors Attendance Management software Attendance Management software, designed to help employees and management perform at their full potential. And is implemented by businesses of all sizes to boost productivity and overall employee-company

Auto CHECK IN and CHECK OUT Management for Employees in Smart Attendance Management

Probably the greatest issue that organizations face is employees or staff not checking in or out for their shifts. Regardless of whether it occurs unintentionally or is done intentionally, this can prompt wrong payments. This can go both ways: either

Improve productivity with efficient Track of Check-IN and Check-OUT with Geo-Bio App

From a long period of time, every organization has its own way to maintain the attendance of its employees. Most common and still used is keeping journals. It is not easy to keep a record of every employee that comes

Fully Featured Palgeo Smart attendance management App

Attendance is an important protocol to follow in every organization that may be College, School, University, Offices, or any other Industry. But Why? Maybe everyone knows if why to follow this protocol of keeping attendance. It is important to maintain

What makes us (Palgeo) unique in the market?

From managing the thoughts occurring in mind to managing ourselves in the crowd of people, and running behind the time everyone needs something that helps to manage people or employees. Everyone has their own journey of chasing time and finding