Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Probably the greatest issue that organizations face is employees or staff not checking in or out for their shifts. Regardless of whether it occurs unintentionally or is done intentionally, this can prompt wrong payments.

This can go both ways: either harming your business through time theft, or employees not getting reasonable payments for quite a long time worked.

Auto Check-in and Check-out in a geofencing attendance software helps address the issue by log in/ out process at offices/ sites for employees/workers, eliminating their need to remember resulting in precision and effectiveness.

What is Auto Check-in and Check-out?

This feature in geo attendance app will allow employees to turn on automatic check-in on their personal device as well as allow companies/sites to enforce automatic check out when the employees leave the geofence. Managers/supervisors or heads can enable Auto Check-in and Check-out freely.

Auto Check-in

Through real time attendance software, employees enter the geofence of an auto check-in enabled site, they are offered the chance to do as such naturally as a similar persons on future visits.

Auto Check-out                                                

Organizations presently have the alternative to enforce check out for employees and project workers once they have left the site’s geofence. By enabling this option, when an employee’s personal device detects they have left the site’s geofence, a smart attendance management will automatically check them out.

What issues does Auto Check-in And Check-out solve?

There are some key things Auto Check-in and Check-out helps improve:


Accurate Analytics

Usually, employees would forget to check out when leaving office/site. In this case, the employee would still be shown as on-site within the attendance management software. With Auto Check-Out, organizations can empower ‘enforced check out’ which will check employees out out once they leave the site’s geofence. Ensuring that the employees who are shown as checked in are only those who are actually on the location.

Simpler Timesheets

Some companies have a lot of employees at offices/ sites The Auto Check-in and Check-out feature allows for streamlined timesheet management by giving timestamps of when a worker showed up on location and when they left. For companies that use, smart attendance management system, with both Auto Check-in and Auto Check-out, your timesheets will be more accurate than ever.

Increased safety at work locations and emergency procedures

Often emergencies occur and all individuals on location should be cleared. During a crisis, it is important that you know precisely who is on site if any employee has forgotten to check out and already left the site this can create confusion. In an emergency, time is critical and best spent on helping those who are at risk and not people who aren’t.

Benefits of Auto Check-in and Check- out

Many times, employees forget to CHECK IN/OUT. Especially if they’re changing work sites. Auto Check-in and Check-out feature automates the process so it’s one less thing for the staff to worry about. The ease of use of attendance management software can avoid the chance of not marking attendance. The feature limits the errors in the recording of work hours. This is fundamental for right payroll calculation. Regularize working hours through workday layouts and also manage holidays and leaves. Sales/field employees don’t have to remember to check-in or check-out. They’ll automatically be checked in and their locations will be tracked during working hours. Auto check-out ensures that employees aren’t tracked after working hours, even if they forget to manually check out. Managers will not only get access to automation reports, but also real-time tracking and location history reports.

 Right Geofencing attendance software for Auto Check-in and Check- out

One of the biggest issues for organisations is when it comes to right geofencing based attendance and tracking app time that a company enforces.

Filling out paper timesheets and using biometrics are still commonly used by organisations. But most of the times it does not give accurate data and it’s quite time consuming, furthermore, in covid times it’s best to opt for a touch less attendance and tracking manager to ensure the safety of the staff. Best online attendance management system software simplifies checking in and out for staff, and makes payroll a breeze.

With Palgeo’s geofencing attendance app, Auto Check in and Check out from single or multiple locations is possible with 100% accurate data. With its easy face validation, emplyoees can mark attendance on palgeo’s app on phone,as face match marks Auto CHECK IN as well as CHEK OUT. Through integration technology, integrate an organisation’s CCTVs with Palgeo’s AI based face recognition technology, captures and recognises the employees and Auto CHECK IN the attendance, as well as alert the supervisor or HR about unrecognised person. Creation of parameter/geofences around the office or various company sites, automatically record CHECK IN and CHECK OUT status of the employees within the geo locations. This also allows employees to make single and multiple locations CHECK IN and CHECK OUT.

To cover Short range (like inside selected Location /Entry/exit point office or Building) Palgeo’s integrated Beacon technology helps there to mark attendance. When an employee enters into beacon region with the help of Palgeo Geofencing attendance app, Beacon ID captures the person CHECK IN/OUT time automatically and marks the attendance for the employee.  These settings are customizable by users, making it even easier to adjust to what works best.

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