Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Know why HR software’s are leading on business sectors

Attendance Management software

Attendance Management software, designed to help employees and management perform at their full potential. And is implemented by businesses of all sizes to boost productivity and overall employee-company satisfaction.

Why does a company need Attendance Management software?

Efficient human resource software will integrate recruiting, onboarding, workforce management, time scheduling and management, payroll solutions and strategic human capital management inculcating biometric attendance. Just because people are complex does not mean HR software’s has to be.

Palgeo, Geofencing Attendance Management Software

The Geofencing Attendance Management software provides a seamless combination of time and attendance software, enabling you to track remote and workplace-based employees within a simple system. With the geofencing time and attendance feature, you can make sure that your employees aren’t laid-back. It provides a GPS record of where the punch took place.

Task- allocation

The process of producing and administering paper-based routines, advancing service schedules, spreadsheets, accommodating and rescheduling requests if needed, and sharing updated routines and plans with the workforce is sometimes wearisome. In addition to eating away the precious time, it also tends to drain employees morale.
• Maintenance of daily/weekly and monthly tasks.
• End and start task time frame.
• Check on important and arbitrary tasks.

GPS location tracking

For attendance management, identifying the current location of the employee is one of the most prominent factors. As this is the ‘online era’ plus the pandemic situation adding to it, companies prefer online work. But who will guarantee that the employees are being loyal to their heads? Here comes the work of attendance management software, geofencing tracker.

Once the employee checks in the Palgeo, the geofencing location system logs into their location and updates it throughout the workday. Palgeo does not record the location when checked out.
Employees with access to the Palgeo, geofencing based attendance app will instantly be given login alerts, pre and post logout alerts. Also, alert to prompt for face recognition, perimeter violation etc.

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