Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Easy Management with Palgeo Geofencing-based attendance management with Palgeo App


VANETRA Muthayammal Institutions was Founded in 1994. They have spent Twenty six years in education. VMI functions as an education for all. These helped many rural students to achieve success.

VMI has the Muthayammal College of Arts & Science that is emerged as an institution of fine learning. Then they have launched the Muthayammal College of Education in 2015. VMI has also launched Muthayammal Polytechnic Institutions.

MCE has evolved a program of Teachers’ education. This was created with the aim of developing teachers. This program is very much helpful in solving the current issues of the challenges of student teachers.


Multi-Tech Integration

Palgeo’s attendance management app has offered the Live Face Validation and Biometric, Check-In, and Check-Out. The online attendance system provides a simple mobile interface for users to register themselves into the system using a facial recognition setup and a few simple steps. The face recognization and Biometric enable employees to mark the attendance by the Palgeo Geo attendance app.

Face and Biometric will automatically mark the attendance. These will record the staff’s login time and even the location of logging in.  Just not Check-In but staff can easily Check-Out with Face Recognization and Biometric Integration.


CCTV Check-In and Check-Out is a most versatile feature. This helps to mark the attendance in apps with the CCTV Integration facility.  Palgeo Location-Based attendance app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI). Palgeo Location-based attendance system consists of Face Recognition that works with CCTV IP cameras. These will capture and recognize the staff. 

ON-Duty Alerts

On-duty alters can help the managemnt to maintain the Employee attendance tracking who have checked in. These give Management the Alerts on the Location and attendance or the movement of the employee.

Geofencing based attendance

Geofencing in campus management enables creating the fence that works as a boundary in the map. Once the staff enters that fence it notifies the college management about CHECK-IN/OUT. Geofence in institute management also records the movement of staff within the geofences of that location. Even when staff moves out from that location boundary, the managemnt will get inform and mark them as check-out. 


Palgeo Attendance Management Software is helping to eliminate the various attendance problems of VANETRA Muthayammal Institutions. Geo attendance app is helping to maintain the hassle-free attendance of VMI staff. They can now easily record and keep track of their staff. 

The VMI includes many sectors, Palgeo Online attendance system can easily record each and every staff’s Check-In and Check-Out time and location. 

Even the staff don’t have to go through the hassle of giving their attendance, they just have to show their face or use biometric to mark their attendance easily. Staff can also easily Check-Out themselves.