Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Raagam Exports Automated Time & Attendance management, easier Employee Scheduling with Palgeo Geofencing App

Raagam Exports is a Government Recognized Two Star Trading House commenced in the year 1987 in Tirupur, the apparel city of India. We are a team of committed and dedicated professionals with a desire to serve the ever-changing today’s fashion world, and to be a momentous force in “Fashion for the trendy people” As manufacturers and exporters of cotton knitted garments our strength lies in introducing innovative products which are not only unique and appealing but also very customer-focused. We are constantly working with our customers to develop the most up-to-date fashion.


Raagam exports had the some key requirements for their Workforce Management System. The management required a system to manage employee Time and Attendance with automated workflows to simplify and streamline management of working time and leave of all types. Needed a system where no use of Biometrics is required, as it’s time consuming and due to covid compliance.The system needed to be configurable to support the wide variety of work patterns, so staff scheduling gets easy. It also needed to be flexible enough to allow these work patterns to be changed regularly. The company needed a system with extensive reporting capabilities to help business decision making and ensure adherence to all Working Time and leave regulations. Alerts on significant task were required. The company wanted to be able to access timely, accurate information on working hours of field employees to help with business planning and improve the efficiency. Industry needed a system which would give them in-depth reports of employees and business information to
help improve operational efficiency and support decision making. Monitoring the movements and visits of the employees, if they have returned to work within stipulated time. . On top of everything, Alerts and absolute data of each and every employee to higher officials on their dashboard needed a solution


Palgeo provides with 100% accurate attendance with it face validation marks attendance through app. Palgeo has provided greater precision in the recording of working hours, improved payroll processing and better oversight of working time across the company. Raagam’s CCTVs integrated with Palgeo’s AI based face recognition technology, captures and recognises the employees and log in the attendance. As well as alert the supervisor or HR about unrecognised person. Tracking of field employees who have checked in while on the field, get alerts on the GPS Location of the employees, this also gives access to monitor their Workforce Management System no matter where they are. This has proven to be especially useful because Covid-19 has forced some employees to work from home. Accurate real time data of the employee activities uploaded instantly on the dashboard. Employees can now request leave and view leave balances through on the dashboard which has eliminated the need to keep spreadsheets and has reduced the number of queries to Supervisors and HR. Employees can now request or cancel leave, view clockings and leave balances as well as HR or supervisor can approve to duty, permission in shifts or any.Automatic alerts to the supervisor or the manager on HR and Supervisors of Raagam Exports can now access preconfigured reports in such as Time & Attendance and activities of employees, CHECK IN and CHECK OUT, and Working Hours to help business decision making on the AI and BI based Dashboard.


Automated Time & Attendance management, easier Employee Scheduling, in-depth reporting on employee hours worked and rosters. Furthermore, detailed dashboard as well as application based detailing for constant updates. Complete automated app based attendance and tracking management.