Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management



Modicare is the first known direct selling company of India and a leading player in the industry. They provide customers with almost all quality products.It is driven by a passion to empower the dreamer within people. They have enabled people from all walks of life, especially women, to have big dreams and provided a great platform to rediscover themselves as consultants.


Modicare works with people who connect with people in the future and continues to do so. Hence, it becomes very difficult to trace the records of every consultant from all over India. Palgeo’s employee monitoring software and location-based attendance system help achieve this goal. Adding on, distributing tasks among so many people and keeping track of them is not an easy task. But it is possible with the declaration of shift under Palgeo features. Many of its mentors are women with only basic software skills. With Palagio it is easier for them also to maximize their results and productivity.


MONITORING/Reporting Employees fully adhere to company policies regarding attendance, absence, scheduled breaks, etc. Improve productivity and monitor employee daily performance by using Palgeo MultiTech App.


Leave, On Duty, Permission asked directly between consultant and supervisor.Missed Punch, Forgot Mobile, Work From Home, Comp Off request available under a single dashboard.


Because ModiCare works with people all over the world, the Accessibility feature of logging in and out at multiple locations (anytime, anywhere) notifies the supervisor or manager that employees have logged in and out status. In case there is no Internet connection, check in / check out is done by entering the MPIN.


Manager or supervisor can characterize Non-Repeat, Daily and Weekly Tasks alongside start times, end times and Must Complete Tasks as well as get significant alerts on employees activities just over the AI and BI based Dashboard.


Technology based attendance system to generate cumulative employees attendance of all employees in a single Dashboard to consultants or supervisors.


Palgeo’s features make it easy for the Modicare consulting community to stay connected. Modicare can keep records of their employees and easily update them with their new assignments. Monitoring and check-in/out helps Modicare to identify each individual’s potential and maximize their results.