Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Hassle Free Employee Attendance Management for Lifestyle Housing by Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App


Love Kush Enterprises are aimed to create transportation easy and effective. They are serving for 23 years to make transportation of bulky parcels simple. Love Kush is keen on handling the particular details about logistics and forwarding needs. They used the Over Dimensional Consignment (ODC). ODC is the cargo is a great help to bulge out the loading deck of the transporting truck. Love Kush in their ODC follows all the government and road safety norms. Making sure to give secure transportation of goods. Fully Loaded Trucks (FTL) are used for shipping large cargo. The logistics services provide excellent FTL facilities making efficient transportation.

Love Kush Enterprises also offers Express shipping services. That involves a wide range of delivery choices. For urgent parcels with same-day or next-day delivery and also other economical options. 

They have maintained their record of providing fixed-time delivery


The Palgeo Location-based attendance app consists of many features that make management and employees work completely hassle-free.  

The two main features used by Love Kush Enterprise in Plageo Location-based attendance app:

  • Employee Clock-in App: Office Check In and Check Out
  • Travel Check-In and Check-Out Feature with appointment or fixed location


Love Kush Enterprise is a huge business with various sectors. They have a team of professionals and employees. They are a team of various members. Love Kush has many sectors, their employees work inside the office and few have to travel outside. 

Palgeo Geo attendance management system is providing them ON Duty CHECK IN and CHECK OUT involving Attendance and Location Tracking. Enabling them to record the Employee attendance tracking at their different sectors. Palgeo is Employee Monitoring Software that helps to create appointments and meeting online. Scheduling, giving tasks, sharing the documents all through a single app and without any hassle. Employees can mark their attendance with palgeo app with just one click. 


Love Kush enterprise with Palgeo did not have to maintain the manual record of the employee’s attendance and their entering sector or any other data regarding the employee. Palgeo also offers Auto Check-In and Auto Check-IN. The moment employee enters a location in marked sectors they get in automatically checked in, and once an employee has finished the work or leave the location or office will get automatically checked out.  Travel Check-In is another great feature. Employees need to work outside the office and have to travel for work, travel check-in helps to keep the attendance of employees. Travel Check In tracks the location of employees, their Check-In and Check-Out Locations.  The time and location of Check-In and Check-Out are maintained in the App. 


With Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App will reduce the number of human laborers. Keeping Manual Records, Time consuming data collection all is now with the use of one app. There is real-time CHECK IN and CHECK OUT without generation of manual data attendance for management reporting. 

Having many sectors and all the employees from each sector is not easy to handle. Palgeo enables the Check-IN and Check-OUT from multiple locations. There is an easy alert about every employee from all the company sectors. 


Love Kush has also obtained the feature of Travel Check-In and Travel Check-Out. This has helped them to Track field employees. There are alerts on the GPS location of the employees. Location-based attendance tracking app has access to every employee’s location from just a mobile app.