Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

D-Man Operates Real- Time Tracking and Monitoring with Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App


D-MAN Logistics is a well known and most professional shipping and integrated end-to-end logistics Agency offering an array of services that are niche driven and unique in terms of customer focus, quality, safety, technology, innovation and professional competence. Currently, the company provides quality services to customers from diverse industries.


Earlier D- Man Logistics being a Delivery company, their employees have to travel to various locations at various times, so before palgeo validating their CHECK IN and CHECK OUT time, maintaining attendance of several employees at different locations and tracking their activities was quite challenging. Furthermore, tracking travel activities of field employees and gathering analytics of all deliveries, or verifying OTP with customers and getting Proof of Delivery from Customer such as Signature, Photo, Comments and location was another tedious task for the management. Also keeping up with the record if the employees have returned to work within stipulated time or are not sparing time idly, was a daunting task. In addition to the challenges, Manager daily needs to answer to multiple requests of their employees or need to make approvals manually. Shift/delivery allotment, timings and locations announcement was laborious as the manager had to inform the employees over call. Above all, Alerts and absolute data of every employee to Manager on his/her dashboard needed a solution..


D- Man recently associated with Palgeo, which helped them resolve multiple issues. With easy face validation Palgeo gives 100% attendance. Employees can now marks attendance on palgeo’s app as face match marks attendance automatically. Creation of parameter/geofences around the delivery locations notifies the manager CHECK IN and CHECK OUT status of the employees. During no internet connection CHECK IN/CHECK OUT is done through entering MPIN. GPS based Real time location tracking gives the accurate activity data of the field employees, get alerts on arrival and departure from the delivery location. Management verifies OTP with customers, as they first send the OTP to client and when the employee takes the OTP and enters it in the phone, an alert of verification is sent to the Manager. Proof of delivery such as Signature, photo or comments on the delivery can be sent as an attachment to the manger. With idle time alert, automatic alerts to the manager on productive and unproductive time, if the employee is not making any deliveries. Update and view shift/delivery timings and locations over the app.   Ask for permissions or approve to ON duty, permission in shifts or any grievance during delivery over the Palgeo’s app. Travel and mileage logs available in the MIS reports section. Significant alerts on employees ‘activities as well as accurate real time data of the employee uploaded instantly  over the AI and BI based Dashboard.


Streamline attendance of employee in a single app easily with face validation. Proficient real time tracking of field employees and their activities. Furthermore, AI based dashboard as well as application based detailing for constant updates. Provides accurate and detailed reports of activities. The app tracks productivity of employees as well. Promotes more transparency within the organization