Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Maintain attendance record of employees with Check-In and Check-Out in-office or Travel Check-In and Check-Out outside the Office with Geo attendance app.


AUDI is one of the most renowned automobile companies globally. It manufactures, designs, engineers, and produces luxury automobiles. The automobile company was founded in 1899 by August Horch. The company has produced cars that look to the future and use cutting edge technology. Audi captures a big market in the automobile sector because of its good marketing and customers’ satisfaction and trust. 


Audi  Coimbatore being a heavy workload showroom with several customers, the employees have to work inside the office as well as have to travel outside for new sales generation and have to meet customers at different locations in a day with pre planned schedules, so before Palgeo, validating their actual ON Duty CHECK IN ands CHECK OUT data, maintaining attendance of several employees at different locations and tracking their activities was the most challenging situation. Also, Audi’s office employees used a fingerprint biometric system, so their employees had to stand in long queues to mark their attendance, Secondly due to the rising pandemic situation, they wanted to upgrade to an attendance system that is touchless and covid compliant to avoid risks. For the field duty employees, there were no technical means to mark employees attendance and HR had to call individuals or message the reporting heads, who had to mark attendance manually, which was too time consuming and also not always full proof data. 

Furthermore, data of real time CHECK IN and CHECK OUT had to be entered manually in HR Software to generate cumulative attendance for management reporting which was straining and tedious. Another challenge was monitoring the movements and visits of the employees, if they have completed the assigned task and also if they have returned to work within stipulated time. Also for obtaining the employees CHECK IN and CHECK OUT of multiple locations and activity data had to be verified manually. Another struggle for Audi was, Sales team, as they have to make appointments with people at different locations at different times, so validating their actual ON Duty CHECK IN and CHECK OUT data was struggling. 

In addition to the challenges, managers or HR daily need to answer multiple requests of their employees or need to make approvals manually. Shift changing/allotment announcement was laborious as the manager had to inform everyone over call. Since specific tasks are given to specific people, monitoring the status of the work was a daunting job. On top of everything, Alerts and absolute data of each and every employee to Manager or HR on their dashboard needed a solution.



Audi recently implemented Palgeo geofencing app, which helped them to overcome their multiple challenges. Palgeo gives 100% perfect employees’ attendance, with its easy face validation. Employees can now marks attendance on palgeo’s app as face match marks attendance automatically.


Management verifies OTP, as they first send the OTP to the client and when the employee takes the OTP and enters it in the phone, an alert of verification is sent to the Manager. Accurate real time data of the employee activities uploaded instantly on the dashboard. Travel and mileage logs available in the MIS reports section.


Creation of parameter/geofences around the head office and various project sites notifies the manager CHECK IN and CHECK OUT status of the employees. Multiple location login and logout accessibility – Anytime Anywhere. QR Code Generator can be displayed by the employee during Check IN/Out. During no internet connection CHECK IN/CHECK OUT is done through entering MPIN.


Automatic alerts to the manager or HR on productive and unproductive time, track if the employee has not returned to work. Update and view shift timings and changes over the app. Ask for permissions or approval to ON duty, permission in shifts or any grievance during work over the Palgeo’s app.


Tracking of sales employees who have checked in while on the fixed location of the appointment, get alerts on the GPS Location of the employees.


Manager or HR can characterize Non-Repeat, Daily and Weekly Tasks alongside start times, end times and Must Complete Tasks as well as get significant alerts on employees ‘activities just over the AI and BI based Dashboard.


Upgraded from biometrics to face recognised based attendance. Hardware costs were avoided as Palgeo app worked seamlessly on their personal mobile devices. Attendance of every employee in a single app easily. Proficient tracking of field employees.

Furthermore, detailed dashboard as well as application based detailing for constant updates. Provides accurate and detailed reports of activities. Complete automated app based attendance and tracking management.