Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

Hassle Free Employee Attendance Management for Lifestyle Housing by Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App

Bidya Inn is a family-friendly small hotel offering a flat screen TV and air conditioning in the rooms, and it is easy to stay connected during your stay as free internet access is offered to guests. Provides hospitality above the expectations and aims to achieve their customers’ satisfaction. 


Bidya Inn approached Palgeo to provide them with a system to handle their employees’

Time & Attendance and Tracking. Their key requirements were as follows;

  • Automation -Bidya Inn required an automated system to easily manage employee time, attendance and workforce allotment.
  • Accuracy – Inn wanted to ensure accurate collection of hours worked by employees for payroll and legislative compliance.
  • Attendance – The Inn wanted a system to manage planned and unplanned absences and holidays.  
  • Integration – Hotel required a system that could easily integrate with their other systems.
  • Department and cost centre tracking.
  • Elimination of possible errors associated with manual adjustments linked with paper based rosters.
  • Capacity to create rosters for part time and seasonal staff and manage their rosters with pre-populated budget and costs.  
  • Creation of flexible schedules, ability to pre plan shifts and manage planned and unplanned absences.  
  • Enable their supervisors and managers to view, at a glance, current and future schedules.

Bidya Inn wanted a system that would provide the hotel with an accurate attendance, collection of hours worked by employees for generating payroll, operational planning and legislative compliance. With variable start and finish times of shifts,the Inn needed an automated system to accurately track hours. Furthermore,the hotel needed to be able to easily create work rosters for full time, part-time and seasonal employees. And also wanted to improve the accuracy of data and reporting and reduce manual processes and administrative tasks so that the managers could do what they do best – ensure their guests get the highest levels of service.


With Palgeo, attendance of employees is marked by face validation through app, managers can be confident that less time will be spent preparing weekly shifts and rosters, calculating payroll and tracking planned and unplanned absences and holiday requests.

Bidya Inn is pleased with the results to date and have seen the following improvements to their business processes, which have reduced administration and paperwork and given them more time to concentrate on their guests.


Payroll is now 100% accurate with employee’s time and attendance now fully automated.

Process Automation

Previous paper based systems are now redundant and holidays, absences and rostering are fully automated.


Employees fully adhere to company policies regarding attendance, absence, scheduled breaks, etc.

Location based CHECK IN and CHECK OUT easily

Location based CHECK IN and CHECK OUT easily with updated result


Reporting is now available from data captured on AI based Dashboard instantly, which is assisting management with planning and decision making.

Compliant with Legislation

All hours are tracked and recorded ensuring the resort is 100% compliant with legislation.

The benefits of Palgeo geofencing attendance app is that Bidya gets the ability to choose only the modules that they required at the time, yet they still have the ability to choose other modules at a later stage if required.


By automating the management of tracking, attendance and assigning, Bidya Inn is able to ensure accurate collection of hours worked, total attendance and productivity of employees for payroll, eliminate paper based schedules and time consuming administrative costs.