Palgeo-Geofencing in Campus and Institute Management

AICL operates touchless face attendance for the safety of the employee with Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App


Apex Insurance Consultants Limited (AICL) was established in 2000 by Vijay Arora and Sanjay Kalika Mishra. A company formed under the Indian Companies Act as a Limited Company, AICL is the only company in India that has formed as a complete risk management company for medical practitioners.


Ere the global pandemic knocked the world, APEX Insurance Consultant Limited (AICL) was using a mix of attendance systems. Previously, the company couldn’t sync records at a national level, which lead to a lack of transparency. As more extensive services had thumb based attendance, while more modest ones were maintaining manual entries.

As the pandemic set its foot and disrupted the everyday life and work systems it was crucial to implement the highest level of safety and bring back employees to work.The Company wanted to bring in touchless technology to overcome all the below-listed challenges:

 Perform nationwide easy rollout without the challenges of infrastructure.

To work with a handy and easy attendance reporting system without prior pieces of training.  

Replicate the offline reporting structure in the online attendance so the right access is available to managers.

To ensure discipline on late marks; overtime; shift timings, executing convincing retail policy.

Capturing attendance in remote locations with internet issues.


The Company (AICL) was clever enough to implement Palgeo, Geofencing Attendance app across all of their services listed areas. Mainly to prevent the pandemic influenced havoc which the company was facing. Some of the queries implemented include: 

Touchless face attendance for the safety of the employees.

Mobile-based attendance without any hardware installation overheads.

Geo-fenced attendance to ensure only store location-based attendance.

Admin settings for detailed reporting structure to mimic offline composition.

Site settings for location wise holidays and other policies


Central level tracking and regulating records have always been wearisome and error-prone. After the company effectuated the Palgeo, Geofencing Attendance app in August 2020, finally matters have become hassle-free and all the reports are available at a single click. As earlier, the company AICL sustained using an unaided attendance system at multiple sites, which didn’t seem to sit well.


All the 60+ services in the significant geographical sectors of India performed live within 2-3 days, as the rollout of the product was smooth and without any setbacks. Now the company has around 1500 operators using Palgeo, Geofencing Attendance App. The staff found the system very user friendly also, the touch-less technology bought a sense of safety.

The Company has also set up attendance management like break-time, extra hours etc. Monthly timesheets, reports are generated with automated calculations based on the policies and as per the requirements. The team of Palgeo has been very supportive in conducting and helping out whenever the needs appeared.