Palgeo Geofencing Attendance Mobile App

Palgeo Geofencing Attendance Mobile App

We have re-envisioned the way organizations can help employees log their daily attendance. Palgeo’s Geofencing based attendance app lets you set up virtual perimeters or boundaries around your geographical location. Geographical location might include your geofencing in campus management, geofencing in Institute management location, your plant location or your organization’s geographical boundaries.

Steered by our passion to excel at whatever we do and backed by our knowledge of implementing complex ERP systems in diverse sectors and countless clients, we present to you the Palgeo Location based Attendance System.

Live Face Validation, Check In and Check Out with Iitnerary and Tasks

Palgeo’s attendance management app provides a simple mobile interface for users to register themselves into the system using facial recognition setup and a few simple steps.

  • Daily login time alerts.
  • Geofence (work location) approach alerts.
  • Auto Prompt for Facial Recognition.
  • Face match marks attendance automatically.
  • Scheduled tasks lists for the workday shared in the app.
  • Mandatory itinerary shared with staff.
  • Check in and Check out allowed at different locations(if mandated).
Face Recognition, Check In & Check Out

CCTV Check In and Check Out

A key component which helps us stand out in the multitude of attendance marking apps is the CCTV Integration facility. Palgeo Geofencing attendance app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the purposes of Identification of staff & clocking their time using existing IP CCTV Cameras. Palgeo app has technologies like Face Recognition which work with the CCTV IP cameras to capture and recognise the staff when they walk into work everyday. As soon as the face recognition happens, our Open API Architecture ensures Attendance is logged into your existing ERP / HRMS system. Key highlights of this feature are as below

  • As staff walk in to your campus / office entry, use your existing CCTV IP cameras to enable them to check in and check out.
  • Staff can walk into the office like they regularly do and the AI technology in the Palgeo Attendance app is quick enough to carry out their face recognition.
  • Once the face recognition is done, Palgeo app ensures that the attendance for the person who checked in is updated in the system with the exact entry point and the timings.
  • Check in / Check out is only allowed through select Geofencing entry points or only through select CCTV cameras.
  • No new hardware requirements. Existing CCTV IP cameras can quickly be configured and ensured that they work in tandem with the Palgeo Geofencing attendance app.

CCTV Check In and Check Out

“Travel Check in”Feature in the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App.

What is Travel Check in:

  • Track employees who have checked in while on the field.
  • Get Alerts on the GPS Location of the employee.
  • Calculate total mileage from travel check in to check out.
  • Get a route map i.e. start and destination along with the actual GPS route map for each checked in employee.
  • View attached documents (like invoices, payment receipts, cheques etc) along with time stamps.
  • Accurate real time attendance data available to the organization at any time.
  • Staff cannot log incorrect hours.
  • Travel and mileage logs available in the MIS reports section for management perusal.
Benefits For Employees:
  • Travel check in can be done from field and outside of the office geofence(s).
  • Staff can pause and restart time when visiting different clients / sites while on travel check in.
  • Attach important documents like invoices, receipts, cheques etc at different time stamps / client locations.
  • Palgeo geofencing attendance system automatically calculates the total mileage from check in till check out.
  • Travel check in and check out logs available as reports for easy reference.
Travel Check in feature
Face Recognition, Check In & Check Out

“Live Face Recognition and Alert” Feature in the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App.

What is live face recognition and How it is work? :

Palgeo's enhanced AI technology used to identified the real Face (Facial expressions) recognition and Alert in Attendance Management Software.
When the employee (except existing staff’s/student’s) walk in to the campus / office entry, palgeo's “Live face Recognition” system alerts to checkin through mobile application.

“Beacon - Shorter Distance” Feature in the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App.

What is Beacon and How it is work? :


Covering Shortrange (like inside selected Location /Entry/exit point office or Building) our integrated Beacon technology helps a lot to take attendance.

If employee enter into beacon region with the help of Palgeo Geofencing attendance app (Beacon ID) capture the person IN/OUT time automatically mark the attendance for corresponding person comparing with stored database information.

Easily overcome previous tech drawbacks like automatic biometric technologies, employees has to make entry for session and after entering their biometric they may leave the class/Office without attending it.

Face Recognition, Check In & Check Out
QR Code Scaning

"Dynamic Secured QR Code Linked Geofencing Attendance System" Feature in the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App.

How it is work? :

QR Code Generator (Dynamic - varying every 10 Sec) in the Palgeo app can be simply displayed by the employee during entry/ Exit (Check IN/Out) time in the designated area of scanning.

After scanning the QR Code there is authentication of the person required to complete the process. This ensures the elimination of proxy attendance.

Similar to our Travel Check-in feature, this allows managers to detect the employees scanned location on a map.

“ Vaccination Status Tracker” Feature in the Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App.

Management /Organisation of all sizes faces challenges to find a way to verify the vaccination status for their employees. Efficiently handle employees’ Vaccination Status, Introducing the new vaccination status tracking feature on the Palgeo - geofencing attendance system.

Palgeo new update released, which give clear ideas and it easy for employees to self-report vaccination status and that updated in the general dashboard of the management. This update also includes whether they’re vaccinated when the doses were administered and which vaccine they’ve received.

As vaccines become more available, the Palgeo - attendance app helps the Organisation /Management to keep a better record of this vaccination status information to assure/gets back a safe working environment.

Palgeo - geofencing attendance app Track employees who plan to get vaccinated, then report about the First and second dose, including with date. Finally, let the management know, Which employee have received vaccine doses.

Introducing" Automatic Idle Time Alerts" in Palgeo Geofencing Attendance App.

The Attendance Management System’s new feature alerts admin on employee exit from an assigned /office Locations This feature as a part of Travel Check-In, allows management to seamlessly monitor the remote employee's work location and process. The Attendance Management Software’s application version is enhanced to manage and isolate idle (non-working time). The online Attendance management system provides detailed reports on productive and unproductive time (idle/personal). This precise insight can help increase efficiency and decrease time theft.

On reaching the start location (which may or may not be an assigned location) the field employee Checks In ok his mobile using face Registration. While the employee is on travel mode the app constantly tracks the employee.

If/ when the employee needs to stop for an official purpose, he presses the pause button on the app to get onto a stationary mode. He can conduct his duties (meetings etc) and upload related documents from the app itself, seamlessly expediting further processes of the organization and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

Incase this stopover is for a personal purpose then the employee shall press the idle time button. The employee is permitted to take Idle /personal time only as per organizational policies. In case the employee does not resume time as per stipulated limits then an automatic check-out shall be activated for the individual.

When the employee is ready to get on travel mode post an official pause or a personal idle time he presses the Resume button.

Once the employee has completed his duties and work hours he can Check out using the app. The unique Employee Time Attendance Management Software automatically makes the calculations of the employee’s productive time and travel mileage for report generating.