What makes us (Palgeo) unique in the market?

From managing the thoughts occurring in mind to managing ourselves in the crowd of people, and running behind the time everyone needs something that helps to manage people or employees. Everyone has their own journey of chasing time and finding time to live the life as want. Not always and all get the taste of […]

Fully Featured Palgeo Smart attendance management App. 

Attendance is an important protocol to follow in every organization that may be College, School, University, Offices, or any other Industry. But Why? Maybe everyone knows if why to follow this protocol of keeping attendance. It is important to maintain the record of students, employees, staff in the organization. This is because no one has […]

Improve productivity with efficient Track of Check-IN and Check-OUT with Geo-Bio App.

From a long period of time, every organization has its own way to maintain the attendance of its employees. Most common and still used is keeping journals. It is not easy to keep a record of every employee that comes and goes. Organizations need to invest in humans to keep track of other employees. With […]